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Sophomore Year

SKYCTC allows for sophomores to take dual credit classes.

We recommend waiting to junior and senior year for dual credit but if you consider taking dual credit sophomore year suggested classes would be:

CIT 105 Introduction to computers (online)

Junior Year

As juniors you can qualify for the KHEAA dual credit scholarship.  This allow you a student to get two courses from SKYCTC paid for.  The student responsible for books or any additional resources required by the class.

Recommended courses:

SKYCTC (online)

  • CIT 105 Introduction to computers (If not take previously)
  • Art 100 Introduction to ART (If not take previously)
  • PSY 110 General Psychology 

Harding University Bison Prep offers up to 2 classes free (1 per semester) from their online catalog

Freed Hardeman Offers dual credit classes ($300 a course)


Senior Year

KHEAA scholarship allows for students to take up to 2 courses from SKYCTC for free (not including books)

We recommend taking the following courses.  These courses are taught in class by FCA teachers.

  • MAT 150 College Algebra
  • Com 181 Basic Pubic Speaking
  • Mus 100 Introduction to Music


Other classes are available online through our dual credit partners.