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One of the nicest things that can be done to honor or memorialize a loved one is to establish an endowed scholarship. Through these scholarships, the ones honored or memorialized continue to do good and further the cause of Christ. The money given for the endowment is never spent. The interest/ dividends it generates are used to provide a scholarship annually for a needy student. During Foundation Christian Academy’s brief history, 20 families and friends endowed a scholarship for a loved one. Those remembered are:

  • Garnet and Rheba Baker
  • Amos Gardner
  • Henry and Louise Goodman                
  • B.F. Rogers
  • Gene and Dolores Overton
  • Kevin Rice
  • Marion and Georgia Eadens
  • Minerva Smith
  • James and Marilyn Tomes
  • Marilyn Smith
  • Billy Joe and Barbara Gary
  • David Whitson
  • John and Rosemary Kopel Brown
  • Bogle-Cowles Families
  • Chad Hooks
  • JoAnn Lee Ray
  • Wilma J. Brazzell
  • Charley Ray Coker
  • Brenda Gilbert
  • Grant Cline

Some continue to remember a loved one on special days such as birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas with a monetary gift to the scholarship. These gifts increase the value and the amount of the scholarship awarded. If you would like more information about an endowed scholarship for someone special to you, please contact Jack Ray or Dr. David Pahman at 270-780-6100.

If you would like to donate online, please click here. Thank you!