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Mission Statement

The mission of Foundation Christian Academy is to provide an exceptional, comprehensive education in a safe, nurturing environment building a solid, Biblical foundation for life. 

Foundation Christian Academy Philosophy

  • Acknowledging the Deity and glorifying God the Father and Jesus Christ His Son
  • Affirming the Bible as God's inspired Word
  • Emphasizing every student as being made in the image of God, and possessing the potential which is unique to his or her own individuality
  • Encouraging each student to love God and respect him/herself and their role in society
  • Create an atmosphere that promotes spiritual, academic, physical, and social growth so that each student may reach his/her full potential 
  • Conducting daily Bible classes as the core of the curriculum
  • Having a reputation for high moral standards
  • Providing classes taught by caring, scholarly, Christian, faculty and staff
  • Encouraging active parent and family involvement in the Christian education of their children
  • Maintaining a commitment to the mission statement and regarding each child as a gift of God