8th Grade

American History

Bob Jones’ American Republic leads students on a tour of our nation’s history starting with the first interactions between Native Americans and European explorers and ending with present day America. Students are encouraged to interpret the present based on knowledge of our nation’s past, using text, illustrations, art, and photographs.

Settling A Wilderness
Establishing a Nation
Spanning a Continent
Facing a Crisis (Civil War)
Growing to Meet Challenges
Taking the Lead ( World War – World War II)
Preparing for the Future

Language Arts

Shurley English Level 8:

The 8th Grade Student Workbook emphasizes the orderly structure of our language and trains students to use the English language effectively. The Christian perspective of this textbook promotes standards of correct grammar and usage, equipping students with the tools they need to become effective communicators in both speaking and writing. Students will learn to recognize the different parts of speech, fit these parts of speech together to form sentences, join sentences together to make paragraphs, and organize paragraphs into compositions. They will also learn to develop complete and orderly thoughts and to communicate those thoughts clearly and concisely, so that they can use God’s gift of language effectively.

Bob Jones Excursions in Literature :

Excursions in Literature  helps students learn the foundational concepts necessary for the study and appreciation of literature while applying scriptural principles to the analysis of an author’s ideas. Students sharpen their critical thinking skills as they observe the strengths of good writing and evaluate various techniques and themes of Christian and non-Christian writers. They hone their communication skills through writing assignments that challenge them to compose their own pieces.


Holt McDougal Larson Pre-Algebra:

Students will work in advanced topics presented in an understandable and engaging style. Though it gives a brief but complete review of all arithmetic topics, much of the text is devoted to algebra and related topics, scientific notation, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry. Problem-solving strategies help students apply mathematical skills to word problems.

The Number System
Expressions and Equations
Statistics and Probability
Rational Numbers and Exponents
Proportionality and Linear Relationships
Introduction to Sampling and Inference
Creating, Comparing and Analyzing Geometric Figures


Purposeful Design’s Earth and Space Science:

The Dynamic Earth
Water and Water Systems
The Great Expanse – Space


The Epistles of Hope

We will study through Romans, Hebrews, and the general epistles at the end of the New Testament. We will examine the common themes that run through them (the exaltation of Christ, the work of the Church, and the life of first-century Christians).