5th Grade

Language Arts

Shurley English:

Synonyms and Antonyms
Spelling Rules
Journal Writing
Blueprints for building a sentence
Word Studies
Writing Traits
Writing Assignments: Persuasive, Descriptive, Advertising, Book Reviews, Narratives, Short Stories
Story Elements


Bob Jones Pages In My Head  provides engaging reading material for the 5th grade level. Presented in a colorful, richly illustrated format, the literature selections help students build reading comprehension and cultivate an appreciation of literature.


Saxon Math:

Comparing, Naming and Adding Whole Numbers
Adding and Subtracting Money
Subtraction Algorithm
Relationship Between Multiplication and Division
Fractions and Decimals
Division Algorithm
Measuring Time and Elapsed Time
Interpreting Pictures of Fractions, Decimals and Percents
Pattern Recognition
Angles, Pairs of Lines, Polygons, Triangles
Measuring Lengths and Heights
Multi-Step Word Problems
Organizing and Analyzing Data
Graphs and graphing
Properties of Geometric Solids
Means, Median, Mode and Range
Anayzing Prisms
Roman Numerals


Bob Jones Heritage Studies 5 is a comprehensive, chronological survey of America’s entire known history. Chapters are pedagogically stimulating with art, maps, timelines, graphs, photos, and quick check questions. Most chapters have an extended activity, a brief narrative called “How It Was,” and biographies to enhance learning. The chapters emphasize themes in U.S. history and are written to prompt biblical evaluation of historical events.

America’s First People
European Exploration & Settlement
Thirteen Colonies
American Independence
Early National Period
Civil War
Reconstruction and the West
The Gilded Age
America’s Influence Spreads Abroud
The First World War
Roaring 20’s and Depressing 30’s
Rulers with Iron Fists
The Second World War
Postwar America
The Rise of the Counterculture
A Time of Strength and Challenge
Leader of the Free World
A New Millennium
Change Sweeps the Natin


Purposeful Design’s Changes, Level Five:

Cycles – Natural, Life, Cells Ecological Succession
Physical Science – Measuring and Changing Matter, Force and Work, Electricity and Magnetism
Earth and Space – Earth’s Process, Natural Resources, Weather and Climate, Sun, Earth and Moon
Human Body – Transitions, Diseases


Apologetics Press:

The Time of the Judges
Character studies of: Samuel, King Saul, David and his sons, and the Apostle Paul
Jesus’ Ministry
Jesus’ Last week
Study of the Fruits of the Spirit