4th Grade

Language Arts

Bob Jones Reading 4:
I Met You in a Story includes stories around six character themes. It includes classic literature excerpts, character-building stories, and activities that build research and literary skills.

Shurley English:

Journal Writing
Synonyms and Antonyms
Capitalization and Punctuation Rules
Blueprints for Building a Sentence
Word Studies
Compound Words
Prepositional Phrases
Transition Words
Parts of Speech
Creative Writing
Narratives, Persuasive, Descriptive Writing and Advertising
Parts of a Book
Learning how to Research
Creating an Outline, Rough Draft, and Final Report


Purposeful Design Science Level 4:

Life Science – Design of Life, Order of Life, Diversity of Life, System of Life
Physical Science – Energy and Heat, Light and Sound, Motion and Force, Matter and Its Uses
Earth Science – The Lithosphere, The Hydrosphere, The Atmosphere, the Universe
Human Body – Body Systems

History and Geography

Bob Jones’ Heritage Studies 4 is a colorful, age-appropriate presentation of social studies that integrates government, culture, economics, and geography, all presented from a Christian worldview. It chronologically covers United States history from the beginning of America through World War II, and the lessons include seven chapters on the regions of the United States.

Justice and the Fear of God
Rebuilding the Nation
The Wild West
Busy Cities
All That Glitters
America Expands
Progress and Problems
The Great War
Enjoying the Peace
Living Through Hard Times
At War Again
The Northeast
The Southeast
The Midwest
The Southwest
The Rocky Mountain States
The Pacific States
Kentucky Unit


Saxon Math:

Problem Solving
Place Value
Calendar – Months
Writing Numbers
Adding Money
Even and Odd Numbers
Number Line
Word Problems
Expanded Form
Time Problems
Units of Length and Perimeter
Triangles, Rectangles, Squares and Circles
Lines, Segments, Rays, and Angles
Naming Fractions
Inverse Operations
Multiplication Table
Multiplication Patterns
Multiplication Facts
Squares and Square Roots
Tenths and Hundredths
Relating Fractions and Decimals
Parentheses and the Associative Property
Relating Multiplication and Division
Decimal Numbers and Place Value
Prime and Composite Numbers
Comparing Fractions
Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
Polygons, Triangles, Angles, Prisms, Pyramids
Collecting Data with Surveys
Measuring Turns
Mass and Weight
Average, Mean, Range and Mode
Geometric Solids
Tables and Schedules
Distributive Property
Perimeter, Area and Volume
Roman Numerals


Apologetics Press:

Character studies of: Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and the Apostles
New Testament Teams
Disciples of the Early Church
Letters from Peter