2nd Grade

Language Arts

Abeka Curriculum:

Phonics and Reading
Review of Vowels, consonants, blends, one and two-vowel words, consonants blends
Recognition and use of all phonics special sounds in reading.
Spelling rules: doubling consonants dropping silent e, changing y to i
Oral reading

Cursive Writing
Review of letter formation
Guided creative writing
Creative writing journal
Daily seatwork practice in all academic areas
Introduction of 3/4 space writing

Spelling and Poetry
Weekly phonics-based word list
Vocabulary words and definitions second semester
Weekly test
reinforcement activities
Spelling glossary

Shurley English:

Parts of Speech
Labeling Parts of Speech
Steps to Writing
Writing Narrative, Descriptive and Persuasive Essay
Synonyms/ Antonyms


Purposeful Design Science Level 2:

Life Science – Plants, Vertebrates, Invertebrates, Habitats
Physical Science -Energy, Heat, Light
Earth Science – Weather, Oceans
Human Body – Sound and Hearing, Sight and Touch, Taste and Smell

History and Geography

Bob Jones Heritage Studies 2 explores American culture in colonial times from Jamestown to the War for Independence. The text features colorful illustrations and discussions of colonial farming, shopkeeping, clothing, and also interesting information about kings and queens in Europe ruling at the time.

God So Loved the World
Community Life
Liberty and Justice for All
Land That I Love
Exploring Our Past
The New England Colonies
The Middle Colonieis
The Southern Colonies
The Revolutionary War
A Nation is Born


Saxon Math:

Understand Place Value – Hundreds, Tens and Ones
Read and Write Numbers to 1000
Measure and Estimate Lengths in Standard Units using Rulers, Yardsticks, Meter Sticks & Measuring Tape
Estimating Lengths Using Inches, Feet, Centimeters and Meters
Solving Word Problems
Working with Time and Money
Relate Addition and Subtraction to Lengths
Using Addition and Subtraction to Solve One and Two Step Word Problems
Multiplication Foundations using Equal Groups
Represent and Interpret Data
Reason with Shapes and their Attributes


Abeka Curriculum:

Lessons from the life of Moses, Tabernacle, Joshua, Judges, Samuel, Ruth, and Jonah
Favorite Bible Stories
Jesus’ Birth, Death and Resurrection
Includes memory verses and hymns/choruses