1st Grade

Language Arts

A Beka Curriculum:

Phonics and Reading – The A Beka program is a very Strong phonics based program. Every child who has come through the A Beka program in Kindergarten comes into the first grade reading.

Manuscript and Cursive Writing
The students are introduced to cursive writing in the 2nd quarter of first grade and it is used the remainder of the year. Manuscript writing is reviewed. Neatness in hand writing is encouraged.

Weekly phonics-based word list

Shurley English/Grammar:

Parts of a sentence using jingles
Parts of speech using jingles
Capitalization and Punctuation Rules
Learning & Writing Explanatory Paragraph
Writing Process
Different Kinds of Sentences
Compound Words
Root Words, Suffixes and Prefixes
Formal and Informal English
Explanatory Essay Writing
Simple sentences, Fragments, and Compound Sentences
Persuasive Writing – Fact and Opinion
Writing Persuasive Paragraph
Transition and Descriptive Words
Synonyms and antonyms
Guideline for Oral Presentation
Subject-Verb Agreement
Writing Letters and Addressing Envelope


Purposeful Design Science Level 1:

Animals – Living and Non Living things, Animals, Mammals
Physical Science – Movement, Machines
Human Body – Teeth, Bones and Muscles, Heart and Blood, Lungs and Air, Stomach and Food
Earth and Space – Seasons, Space


Abeka Curriculum:

Book of Genesis
The Gospels
Book of Acts
Miracles of Jesus
Life of David
Includes memory verses, songs, and prayer


Saxon Math:

What Mathematicians Do
Writing Numbers
Ordering Numbers from Smallest to Greatest
Identifying Objects on a Graph
Identify and Circle, Square, Triangle, Rectangle, Geometric Solids
Graphing a Picture on a Pictograph
Identifying Most and Fewest
Collecting and Sorting Data
Steps in Problem Solving
Identifying First, Last, Between and Middle
Counting Monies
Lighter and Heavier
Estimating and Measuring Length
Sorting Items
Line of Symmetry
Dividing shapes into Halves/ Thirds, Fourths and Sixths
Counting by 2’s, 5’s, 10’s
Drawing Conguent Shapes and Designs
Telling Time
Identifying Cups, Quart Gallon and Liter
Identifying Cool, Cold, Warm and Hot Temperatures
Using a Calculator


Bob Jones’ Heritage Studies 1 is a colorful, easy-to-read presentation of social studies that integrates civics, culture, economics, geography, and history. Beginning with the framework of God’s redemptive plan, the book includes an age-appropriate study of civics and government and then covers United States history from Native Americans to the Plymouth Colony—all from the perspective of a Christian worldview. The final chapter contrasts the past and the present, noting changes that have taken place in the way we live.

God’s Family Apple Unit
Your Family Martin Luther King Jr. Unit
Your Community Australian Unit
Your State Thanksgiving Unit
Your Country Christmas Around the World
Your Country’s Capital President’s Day Unit
Native Americans Groundhog’s Day Unit
Christopher Columbus Japanese Unit
Jamestown Earth Day Unit
Today and Long Ago