11th Grade

**Students may be placed in different classes than those listed below based on the student’s individual needs.**


Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry:

Measurement, Units, and the Scientific Method.
Atoms and Molecules
Atomic Structure
Molecular Structure
Polyatomic Ions and Molecular Geometry
Changes in Matter and Chemical Reactions
Describing Chemical Reactions
Acid-Base Chemistry
The Chemistry of Solutions
The Gas Phase
Energy, Heat, and Temperature
Chemical Equilibrium
Reduction-and-Oxidation Reaction



Bob Jones American Literature:

Early American Literature: An Era of Change-
Literature of Settlement
Literature of Religious Experience
Literature of Revolution

American Romanticism: An Era of Optimism-
Minor Romantics
Major Romantics
Voices of Conflict

American Realism & Naturalism: An Era of New Beginnings-
Realists & Naturalist

Modern American Literature: An Era of Pessimism-
Modern Poetry
Modern Prose

Contemporary American Literature: An Era of Diversity-
Contemporary Poetry
Contemporary Prose


Perfection Learning Advanced Placement English Language and Composition:

Cover all the essential content and prepare students for the AP English Language and Composition exam through a perfect blend of engaging nonfiction readings, written by both classic and contemporary writers, and practical writing instruction. Scaffolded activities develop student competence in close reading, rhetorical analysis, and critical composition and revision skills. Students learn to develop key rhetoric, argument, and synthesis skills and apply strategic stylistic choices at the college level. Track student progress with unit reviews, assessments, and a full-length AP practice exam modeled on the new course and exam description.

Dual Credit Classes

Dual Credit Courses available through:

Freed Hardeman University
Colorado Christian University
Southcentral Kentucky Community and Technical College


The Words of Wisdom

We will survey the Old Testament books of wisdom (Job, Ecclesiastes, Proverbs, etc). As we study them we will discover questions that have bothered mankind from the beginning and find profound answers in the truth of God’s Word.

U. S. History

Bob Jones United States History:

Horizons – New & Old World Meet, 13 Colonies, Colonial Life, Religion in Colonies
Forge (1689-1801)- Rising Storm, Independence, The Critical Period, Federalist Years
Nation (1801-1848) – Jeffersonian Era, Age of Jackson, Growth of American Society, Manifest Destiny
Crisis (1848-1877)- A House Divided, Civil War, Reconstruction
Quest (1877-1920)- Gilded Age, American Expansion, Progressive Era, Great War
Leadership (1920-1945) – The Twenties, Thirties, World at War
Challenge(1945-2017) – Post War Era, Shattered Society, Nation with Challenges, Resurgence of Conservatism, Facing a New Millenium


McGraw Hill (AP) American History:

Society and Culture in Provincial America
Transplantations and Borderlands
The Collision of Cultures
The Empire in Transition
The American Revolution
The Constitution and the New Republic
The Jeffersonian Era
Varieties of American Nationalism
Jacksonian America
America’s Economic Revolution
Cotton, Slavery, and the Old South
Antebellum Culture and Reform
The Impending Crisis
The Civil War
Reconstruction and the New South
The Conquest of the Far West
Industrial Supremacy
The Age of the City
From Crisis to Empire
The Progressive Era
America and the Great War
The New Era
The Great Depression
The New Deal
The Global Crisis, 1921-1941
America in a World at War
The Cold War
The Affluent Society
Civil Rights, Vietnam, and the Ordeal of Liberalism
The Crisis of Authority
From “The Age of Limits” to the Age of Reagan
The Age of Globalization

Algebra 2

Holt McDougal Larson Algebra 2:

Equations and Inequalities
Linear Equations and Functions
Linear Systems and Matrices
Quadratic Functions and Factoring
Polynomials and Polynomial Functions
Rational Exponents and Radical Functions
Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
Rational Function
Quadratic Relations and Conic Sections
Counting Methods and Probability
Data Analysis and Statistics
Sequences and Series
Trigonometric Ratios and Functions
Trigonometric Graphs, Identities and Equations



Foreign Language

Bob Jones Spanish 1 takes an innovative and engaging approach to help students not only learn about Spanish, but learn to communicate at a novice-high level. All chapters present vocabulary and grammar within the context of the theme. Cultural studies infuse the text from the artwork down to the activities, with a heavy focus on developing a biblical worldview.

Bob Jones Spanish 2 The student edition takes an innovative and engaging approach to help students not only learn about Spanish but also learn to communicate at an intermediate-high level. The entire book revolves around eight characters from four different Spanish-speaking countries. The eight students collaborate on a blog about the four main Spanish-speaking empires from the past. The characters share their feelings and ideas as they discover new things about their countries’ history, their culture, and the other members’ cultures. Chapters present vocabulary and grammar concepts thematically in the context of the character’s surroundings. Activities are communicative and meaning-based and incorporate substantial review at the beginning. Culture permeates the book, from the storyline to the artwork to the activities. We encourage students to formulate a biblical worldview of history, culture, and religion through the text, artwork, and activities. Listening resources are available on AfterSchoolHelp.com and Teacher Tools Online.