Monday – Art

Elementary Art is available to students K- 4th grade once a week for a 25 minute period. Art curriculum for the entire year is based on the Elements of Art: Form, value, texture, shape, line, color, and space. Each element is introduced with a coinciding activity or project. Students are introduced to a variety of media throughout the year with a heavy emphasis on creativity and plenty of space to exercise individual artistic expression.

Tuesday – Technology

Elementary Technology is a class dedicated to building foundational technology skills. Students are introduced to the keyboard, Ipads, and Chromebooks. Students learn how to care for technological devices as well as run basic computer programs.

Wednesday – Physical Education

Elementary Physical Education is available to students K-4th grade once a week for a 25 minute period. In P.E. a large portion of the year is dedicated to the mastery of locomotor skills varying in difficulty from a beginner’s hop, to more advanced movements like a bear crawl or karaoke. Students are introduced to new equipment like the frisbee, or the jump rope, and take part in many activities including relays, soccer, basketball, dodgeball, kickball, tag, capture the flag, etc.

Thursday – Music

Music plays a very important role in the life of students at Foundation Christian Academy. Our goal is to glorify God by engendering in our students a love of music, an appreciation for beauty as expressed through music, and by developing the God-given talents of each student. Elementary music is an introduction to basic music vocabulary like beat, rhythm, tempo, etc. As well as an introduction to instrument families. Students spend a lot of time singing familiar songs, and are introduced to a variety of new music from multiple genres. Older students will learn basic music theory and composition, and are regularly asked to perform individually or within a group.

Friday – Library Media

The school Library Media program encourages students to become tech savvy and independent life-long readers & learners. In our library media centers, students:
*Discover a wide range of books, stories, and texts to encourage a love of reading;
*Explore print and online resources to find information and build research skills; and
*Learn how to use and share information effectively and responsibly.
Elementary students visit the Library at once a week for instruction and book check out. Middle and High School students have access to the Library through their classes and at other times during the school day.



5th – 11th Grades
Music plays a very important role in the life of students at Foundation Christian Academy. Our goal is to glorify God by engendering in our students a love of music, an appreciation for beauty as expressed through music, and by developing the God-given talents of each student. They also learn how to read music. Concepts include the staff and key signatures.

We want our students to pursue excellence in their music-making and to create wonderfully as God created wonderfully. The Bible has much to say about music and its purpose for humanity. FCA desires for its students to grapple with these elements as well as to develop his or her talent to its full potential. We want students to remember that music is a way to offer thanks to God for all that He has given us. Music is a gift enjoyed by God and also by the makers of the musical praises themselves. Whether or not students intend to pursue music as a vocation, we seek to equip them with technical skills essential for reading, interpreting, and performing music as well as an understanding of both musical history and theory.

At Foundation Christian Academy, students have the privilege of studying music with the knowledge of the truth that it was created and given to us by God, and to explore all the implications of that truth. Here at FCA, students have the unique opportunity to be prepared physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually for a life of music-making.

BETA Class

5th – 7th Grades
A class designed to encourage ideas and implement projects for the Jr. BETA member to submit at the State BETA Convention. Students will interact with fellow BETA members to enhance leadership skills, share service ideas, and develop life-long relationships.


5th – 11th Grade
This is a rigorous fitness course that is designed to help students improve their athletic agility and overall physical fitness. This course is not for those who do not like to sweat. A medical physical form must be on file with the coach/school before one can enroll in this course.

Good Samaritan

5th – 11th Grades
Students explore ways to serve others within the school and community as a whole. Students will be allowed to “Let Their Light Shine”.


6th – 11th Grades
Ky United Nations Assembly is a mock UN conference that is held in March of each year. Students chose and represent a country. Learning includes in-depth cultural study of chosen country and parliamentary/debate process.


5th-11th Grade

Students who take their time to learn keyboarding skills normally develop great writing skills because they spend most of their time focused on completing their assignments rather than on the mechanics of good handwriting.  Typing classes will greatly improve reading, spelling, boost the student’s self-esteem and use a computer more effectively and efficiently.


5th-8th Grade

Over the course of 9 weeks we will be using a hands on approach to study various scientific principles. My goal is to make this a fun way to learn about the scientific method and doing experiments. We may learn about coding, density, or Bernouli’s principle. We’ll discuss our topics and sometimes will develop our experiments together and other times we will be engineering and testing and re-engineering. Grades will be given for Participation in each experiment. Since the students will have some say in the experiments, a specific outcome will not be required, just completion and conclusions based on the experiment.

ACT Prep

9th – 11th Grade

This test prep course will help  increase a student’s knowledge across all test areas, develop test-taking strategies, and build confidence.   It provides an environment that promotes focus and students can acquire individualized attention.


9th – 11th Grades
This class will design and create the school yearbook. Students will learn about photography and graphic design. Course may require attendance at after-school functions for the purpose of taking photos.


9th – 11th Grades

An elective course centered on various cultures and the problems resulting from people living in groups.  Topics included are culture, subculture, socialization, institutions, social interaction, social change, collective behavior, competition,  family, religion, racial and ethnic minorities, poverty, and crime.