Academic Team

It is with great pride that we take this opportunity to announce the formation of the first ever Foundation Christian Academy Academic Team.

Academic competition for both elementary and middle schools is divided into three parts. The first type is written assessment. This is where students are provided written tests, usually multiple choice, in a subject area they have chosen. The subject areas include: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts & Humanities, Language Arts and Composition. The second type of competition is Quick Recall. In Quick Recall, a team of four students competes against another school’s team as “Toss-Up” questions are asked by a moderator. If a player buzzes-in and answers the questions correctly, the team gets a bonus question. Either a set number of questions are asked, or a time limit is set for each of two halves that are played. A third type of competition for Governor’s Cup is classified as Future Problem Solving. This is a competition where four students attempt to solve a stated problem using an orderly procedure outlined along international rules.

We now have both a Middle School Team (Grades 6-8) and an Elementary School Team (Grades 3-5). We continue to need a tremendous amount of parental support in these endeavors.

We believe that academic competition is a great motivator of students. With the caliber of students we have at FCA, we have a great team now and are sure to have a great team for 2016-2017!

Coached by Brenda Brown

Beta Club

The Junior Beta Club strives to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership among elementary and secondary school students. Our focus is to not only to help those inside our school walls but also those in the community. We believe in upholding moral values and learning how to demonstrate these virtues in everyday life.

Lego Club

The Lego Club will be building, building, building this school year! The goal of the Lego Club is to get the students working together for a common goal. What is that goal? Literally building Lego cities!!! Every month to two months (depending on how fast they build), the kids will get to construct Lego sets from some of their favorite collections. Ranging from Star Wars to Super Heroes, real architecture to fantasy worlds, our students will have fun building these Lego sets all the while developing great focus, planning, and teamwork skills. Lego Club is open to FCA students in grades 1-8.