FCA’s Athletics Philosophy:

Because God is sovereign over all His creation, His Lordship must also extend to athletics. The FCA Athletic Department recognizes this fact and, therefore, seeks to give honor to God by formulating a philosophy consistent with His character and will.

Our present pursuit of this reality includes the following:
We are deeply committed to presenting Christ to each of our athletes so that, by God’s grace, they might grow in Christian character. This is our first priority because we are more concerned about the eternal destinies of our athletes than any other single factor.

We desire that our athletes perceive a Godly concept of success. While winning the contest is the object of planning and preparation on the part of both coach and athlete, it must not be considered the sole measure of success. Other values which are being built into the athlete must be the ultimate criteria on whether or not we are truly successful.

The criteria for determining the success of our athletes will be seen in the qualities they are developing in their lives. Such things as loyalty, respect for others, proper manners, perseverance, commitment, integrity, diligence, servanthood, suitable response to crises, humility, handling victory and defeat, encouraging others, demonstrating unconditional love, developing a work ethic, despising self-glorification, and knowing the joy of play are worthy standards.

We know that athletics is not an end in itself. It may be used to glorify God or bring Him into shame and derision in the world’s eyes. We desire to instill in our athletes this God-centered attitude toward athletics. This will encourage them to be well-rounded student athletes who are developing interest and abilities in other areas.

We as coaches acknowledge our ministry. It is a calling, unique and dynamic in its implications. We have been given the opportunity to invest in lives of young men and women; therefore, we cannot take on the task of mere hirelings. The trust is sacred; we know that, and we commit ourselves to it.

Foundation’s Sportsmanship Code:
We will seek to honor Christ in our conduct.
We will show respect to the visiting team and their fans.
We will respect the judgments of the officials.
We will support and encourage our athletes during the game.
We will support the decision-making of our coaches.

FCA is a participant and member of the  Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA)

Archery Team

Archery is an ever growing and popular sport here at FCA with new members being added each year. The archery team is comprised of students in grades 3-5 competing on the Elementary Team, students in grades 6-8 competing at the Middle School level and 9-11th grade competing on the High School level. The goal of the archery team is to promote improved student motivation, attention, behavior, attendance, and focus. The team will get to participate in various tournaments around the state of Kentucky. The archery season is school-year round, giving students lots of opportunities to compete and have fun.

Coach: Charlie Abston (Staff), Assistant Coach: Todd Barnard (Volunteer)

Girl’s Volleyball Team

The 2018-2019 school year marked a new beginning for girl’s sports at Foundation Christian Academy. Our first Girl’s Middle School Volleyball team played 11 games, some in the Nashville area and some against local teams. We ended the season with a 5-6 record, a great accomplishment for our inaugural team!

Our Middle School team is made up of 5th -8th graders and our  Varsity team is made up of 9th – 10th graders.

Volleyball is an amazing sport that teaches not only individual responsibility, but also teamwork. Each player has to work hard to improve their individual skills and then all of those skills come together on the floor to create a cohesive team. We are thankful that we have our own gym and will have the opportunity to continue to grow and expand our sports programs in the coming years.

Coach: Lorie Baker (Staff) Assistant Coach: Stephanie Slavey (Staff)

Golf Team

The 2020-2021 school year marked another new beginning for sports at Foundation Christian Academy. We are proud to announce that we will have our first Golf team this fall (2020).  This is for all levels of current ability and puts no pressure on kids to play in tournaments until they are comfortable.  Clubs are not provided by the school but a putter and 1 wedge is all a student needs for the first couple of practices.  When FCA gets 5 players that are ready to play a tournament then we will begin to play as a team.  Until then we will compete as inviduals in the event(s) around the area.

Coach: Wilson Wickerham (staff)

Cross Country

1st – 12th Grade

FCA is proud to announce the return of Cross Country in 2020. Cross Country is a sport which everyone on the team can participate.  You can compete individually as well as a team. You are not limited to a track but will be running long distance in open terrain, hills, and through woods. Race day distances are from 2K for Elementary students up to a 5K for High school students.

Coach: Shelby Lane (staff)

Boy’s Basketball

The 2018-2019 school year marked another new beginning for boy’s sports at Foundation Christian Academy. That year’s inaugural Boy’s JV Middle School basketball team boosted our school spirit with home games being held in our new gym. Currently, we have a 5th-6th grade team who plays local teams and private schools from across Ky.  We also have Middle School (7th-8th grade), Jr. Varsity and Sr. Varsity teams (9th-11th grade) who participate in the KHSAA (Kentucky High School Athletic Association) and play other local & private schools across the state as well.
The purpose of our team is to develop self- disciple, instill teamwork, make new friendships and boost confidence in our players in a Godly manner.

Coach: Wilson Wickerham (Staff), Nick Pace (Staff)