7th Grade

World Studies

Bob Jones’ World Studies provides a chronological narrative of world history that should reveal the hand of God at work in the nations, beginning with the birth of the Church, the rise of Islam, and a survey of nations around the world from 1,000AD to the present.

Foundation: Creation – AD 800
Changes and Development in the Cultures of the World: 1000-1650
Dominant Powers in Europe and Asia: 1450-1750
The Revolutionary Age: 1750-1900
The 20th Century and Beyond:1900- Present

Language Arts

Shurley English Level 7:

Level 7 contains references, jingles, practices, checkups, and homework assignments to address topics such as Capitalization and Punctuation Rules, Synonyms and Antonyms, Analogies, Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes, Nouns, Verbs & Adverbs, Prepositions, Parts of speech and Strategies to rev up student’s writing skills.

Bob Jones Exploring Themes in Literature:

This edition offers a broad array of works representing many genres, authors, and time periods. Selections model great writing for students and prompt them to think on issues and topics relevant to their lives. Lessons use the Reading Process Approach to scaffold student comprehension and apply close reading to each selection. Engaging artwork captivates readers while Big Questions encourage them to connect personally with each selection.



The life of Christ as told by Luke. We will focus on Luke’s emphasis on the teaching of Jesus.


Saxon Math Course 2:

Numbers and Operations
Algebra and related topics
Data Analysis and Probability


Purposeful Design’s Life Science:

Intro to Life Science
Viruses, Bacteria & Archaea, Fungi & Protist
Human Body