5th Grade

Language Arts

Reading and Literature
Oral reading
Reading comprehension
Speed reading
Vocabulary building

Review of cursive writing formation through skill practice, word exercises, original composition, and sentence dictation

Spelling and Poetry
Weekly word list based on various categories and vocabulary study

Writing Process
Sentence and sentence parts
Punctuations, capitalizations, and quotation facts
Synonyms, antonyms, homonyms
Letter-business, friendly, post cards, than-you notes
Making an outline
Writing a library research paper
Writing book reports
Creative Writing

Recognizing and diagramming all eight parts of speech
Recognizing and diagramming complements
Word usage

Health, Safety, Manners

Circulatory System
Life in the Blood
Your Hardy Heart
Pathways through Your Body

Nutrition and Physical Fitness
A balanced Diet
Daily Food Guide
Maintaining Your Proper Weight
Raising Your Rate of Metabolism
Aerobic Endurance
Muscular Strength and Flexibility

Digestive System
Digestion begins in the mouth
Through the Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Liver and Pancreas
Absorbing Digested Foods

Interpersonal Relationships
Social Acceptance
Mental Awareness
Spiritual Warfare


Lessons from Life of Moses, Tabernacle, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, Jonah, Samuel, David
Includes memory verses, hymns/choruses and Bible stories

History and Geography

Eight documents reviewed
Geography facts: terms, rivers, capitals, mountain, climate, deserts
Introduction to History and Geography
Fertile Crescent: Cradle of Civilization
Ancient Middle East
Middle East Today
Countries in Central and Southern Asia
Countries of the Far East
Egypt: the gift of Nice
Africa Long Ago
Africa in Modern Times
Ancient Greece: Home of Beauty
Rome: Ruler of the Ancient World
Christianity: The greatest force in History
England and the British Isles
Other Countries of Western Europe
Countries of Eastern Europe
Land down under and beyond


Place value of whole numbers and decimals
Mastery of fundamental operations
Story problems
Problem solving strategies
Roman numerals
Measuring to the quarter inch
Calculating time
Making change
Rounding off whole numbers, money, decimals, and mixed numbers
English and metric measures
Converting measures within the same system and solving measurement equation
Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division involving fractions
Finding parts of a whole
Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division involving decimals
Introduction to percents
Reading a thermometer
Converting from a Celsius scale to Fahrenheit scale and from a Fahrenheit scale to a Celsius scale
Solving algebraic equations
Graphs and scales drawings
Graphing ordering pairs
Reading schedules and charts
Perimeter and area
Squares and square roots


Amazing Mammals
A variety of Vertebrates

Force in the blood
Electricity and magnetism
Engines: steam, internal combustion, jet propulsion, rocket engines

Water, Air Weather

Earth and Space
Geology: Treasures of Earth
Oceanography: The living Sea
Astronomy: The nine Planets, Stars, Moon, Sun
Conservation: Preserving the Sea