4th Grade

Language Arts

Reading and Literature
Oral reading
Reading comprehension
Speed reading
Vocabulary building

Review of cursive writing formation through skill practice, word games, original composition, and sentence dictation

Spelling and Poetry
Weekly word list based on phonics and spelling rules, challenging words, and vocabulary
Reinforcement activities
Six poems committed to memory

Writing Process
Sentence structure, kinds of sentences
Punctuations; Capitalization facts
Abbreviations, Possessive words
Letters-business, friendly, post cards, thank-you notes
Gathering information
Writing with details
Writing an encyclopedia report
Writing book reports
Creative writing

Recognition and using all eight parts of speech
Diagramming verbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs
Correctly using troublesome words


Place value of whole numbers and decimals
Mastery of fundamental operations
Story problems
Estimating answers
English and metric measures
Converting measures within the same system and solving measurement equations
Romans numerals
Divisibility rules
Making change
Reading a Thermometer
Graphs and scale drawing
Basic geometric shapes
Introduction to decimals
solving equations using addition and subtraction axioms
Perimeter and areas
Using an English and metric Ruler
Addition, subtraction and multiplication involving fractions
Time lapse


Plants: Provision for Man and Beast

Insects: Miniature Marvels of Creation
Birds: Winged Wonders

Matter: Water Air and Weather

Energy: Sound and Hearing

Earth and Space
Geology: Planet Earth
Oceanography: Wonders of the Sea
Astronomy: Consider the Heavens

History and Geography

Map Study
State history for six weeks
Eight documents memorized
The Years of Discovery
The years of Conquest
The first Americans
The English come to America
The New England Colonies
The Middle and Southern Colonies
The Picture of Colonial Life
The Great Awaking
The French and Indian War
The American War for Independence
Building a New Nation
Our Nation Grows
The Civil War
New Frontiers
An Age of Progress
Beyond our Boundaries
The World Wars
Time for Freedom and Responsibilities


Lessons from Genesis, Life of Christ and Paul
Includes memory verses and hymns/choruses

Health, Safety, Manners

Physical Fitness
Your Body Framework
The Muscle Builder
Your Breathing Machine
A winning smile
Your body cover
Keys to Good Grooming

Interpersonal Relationship
A Healthier You